Review : SanDaWha Mild Sun Block Serum + Vitamin C Whitening Essence

February 12, 2017

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* This product is sponsored by W2BEAUTY for review purpose only.
I'm not paid for this post. 

Welcome back to my blog!
Well, Lunar New Year is over
So sad TT_TT Can't get any "Angpao" more
well, the good news is
finally I have time to manage my blog's thingy
Tons of things to review in the future(half dead)
Today I'll doing a review on two skincare products
So this will be a long long post, have some patient with me ya 😛

Last month, W2Beauty emailed me about doing a review for skincare products
which is a sunscreen and a whitening essence
I was kinda worried as I have sensitive skin
I've tried some whitening products before but the results was terrified
My face will become itchy, bloated and full of blisters

and normally it took a couple of weeks to recover
I was frightened that these products might give me the same result
Moreover, I've never heard of the brand
However, they claimed that the products are suitable for sensitive skin 
and I'm like OKAY OKAY, maybe I can give it a try?
and yeah,
the two products are

SanDaWha Mild Sun Block Serum
Vitamin C Whitening Essence

Before starting my review, lemme intro you about the brand
SanDaWha is a skincare cosmetic brand by SkinCure. Inc
SkinCure. Inc was founded in year 2004
whereas SanDaWha was launched in 2005.

All SanDaWha products are formulated with almost natural or organic
ingredients. It is entirely FREE of

  • Alcohol
  • Synthetic pigments
  • Fragrances
  • Phthalates
  • Dioxane
  • Formaldehyde
  • PEGs
  • Synthetic preservatives
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and other synthetic detergents
  • Potential harmful chemicals
None are animal based or made from genetically modified sources.

For those who are interested in these 2 products

SanDaWha Mild Sun Block Serum
Vitamin C Whitening Essence

After the brand intro, let's have a look on the official info about these two products

Well, let's have a look on my photos

For those who wanna know about the ingrdients
this photo might help
as the official site don't have the ingredients list

The packaging:
A plastic tube and a glass bottle with dropper
Since the packaging of both products are quite common
I'll not comment on the packaging

The texture:
The texture of sun block is neither runny or thick
Just the right consistency
A little sticky after apply, oily skin user may dont like
but for dry skin user should be alright
The whitening essence is thicker than moisture type toner
quite runny and moisturize
and easy to absorb
patting motion helps to fasten the skin absorption

The fragrance:
I can tell these two products have the same fragrance smell
the smell is mild (IMO)
some kind of herbal smell but not typical
maybe is San Da Wha?
IDK....I can't tell as I've never smell it before
Oh yeah, the fragrance really depends on people
Some may say strong some may say alright
My opinion just a reference :D

Just attach some photos to show before and after apply
Have a look

 SanDaWha Mild Sun Block Serum
With my Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Foundation on

 Vitamin C Whitening Essence

Well, overall I'm quite satisfied with the whitening essence
as it didn't cause me any allergy and break out
and does lighten my acne scar
I'm just dot some on my scar
I didn't use it for whole face
The only downside of sun block serum is
It will become patchy after I apply my foundation
I need some time to blend it so just meh →_→

Update 13/03/2017:
These 2 products really amazed me after frequent use
Of course they are non-comodogenic
Didn't cause me any white head, black head or pimples
Though the sunblock serum is difficult to blend and a bit tacky
but I can apply some translucent powder on my jawline and hairline to prevent my hair stick to my face
Overall, they are really good


SanDaWha Mild Sun Block Serum - 4.0/5
Vitamin C Whitening Essence - 4.5/5

Last but not least, thanks W2BEAUTY for the product.
And for those who interested in this product
you can click here to purchase
W2BEAUTY just officially launched this on their site
For those who are interested in these 2 products

Vitamin C Whitening Essence

I think that's all for today

  See you next time HAHA XD
Have a nice day~~~

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